L'Écomusée de l’olivier

Just next to the village of Volx, l’Olivier, a Museum dedicated to the living culture of the olive tree and in a rather unusual place – a former lime kiln dating back to the beginning of the 20th century – is a hymn to the five senses.

L'Écomusée de l’olivier

À proximité du village de Volx, dédié à la culture vivante de l’olivier et situé au coeur d’un lieu hors du commun, dans un ancien four à chaux du début XXème siècle, l’Olivier se révèle aux cinq sens.

Informations pratiques

Possibility of free commented tasting from 9 to 40 people, please book ahead

The civilization of the Olive Tree

Visitors of all ages can find out all about the civilisation of the Olive tree with interactive and audio-visual tools. 

You’ll learn all about the biology of the tree and its mythology, traditional soap-making and the use of oil as a lighting fuel, pruning of the olive tree and harvesting its fruit, and  how olive oil is made.

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musée de l'olivier
An invitation to a journey

Each step in the itinerary invites you on a trip where you will see and taste Provence and the Mediterranean. On a big screen, pickers from Provence, Spain, Greece, Tunisia or the Lebanon harvest their fruit and take it to the mill.

You can walk around the display cases where items conjure up the past and present culture of this mythical tree.

A shop dedicated to good food

And because the olive tree is at the heart of Provencal cuisine, a Delicatessen-Shop completes the visit and the Ecomusée’s restaurant, “Le Petit Ribier”, offers fair and inventive bistro-type cuisine with fresh and local products, based on the quality of local products and the attachment to its land.

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RD13, ancienne route de Forcalquier – 04130 Volx – France 

l'usine de l'occitane

A Provencal interlude.

Enter the world of L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE, its workshop, its garden and its museum shop.

📍 ZI Saint-Maurice – Manosque

le moulin neuf
Le moulin neuf

This association has been working since 2015 on the restoration of a 16th-century water mill that was abandoned in the 1930s.

Eric, the president of the association is passionate about this restoration, will tell you all the history of the mill.

Book your guided tour on 06 83 51 98 73

📍Route de la Mort d’Imbert – Dauphin

jardin la thomassine
la thomassine

Orchards and conservatories above Manosque. The Parc du Luberon has dreamed up an area dedicated to biodiversity and the extraordinary variety of plants grown there.

📍Domaine de la Thomassine – Manosque