The Caramelerie in the village of Mane en Provence is an artisanal workshop set up in an 18th-century Provencal bastide which used to be a “magnanerie” (silkworm farm – from the Occitan word magnan for the silkworm or gypsy moth), a place where silkworms were traditionally bred.


Située dans le village de Mane en Provence, la Caramelerie est une manufacture artisanale, établie dans une bastide provençale du 18eme siècle, qui fut une « magnanerie » (de l’occitan magnan, qui désigne le ver à soie du bombyx du mûrier), un lieu d’exploitation de sériciculture traditionnelle, c’est-à-dire l’élevage du ver à soie.

Informations pratiques

The Caramel Workshop is open from Monday to Thursday.
The workshops can be seen from outside. The shop will open in Spring 2023.

While you’re waiting for the shop to open, you can buy the caramels in all the delicatessens in the Maison Brémond network and on their website, at the Confiserie Leblanc in Banon, the Biscuiterie in Forcalquier and the shop in the Ecomusée de l’Olivier in Volx.

Logo machine à fabriquer le Caramel

The caramels are entirely made by hand; the production workshop can be reached by a walkway and a large picture window gives visitorthe opportunity to dive into the history of the workshops of the 1950s.

The artisan transfers his batch of caramel from the copper cauldron into a succession of old machines, made in France by Ateliers Ratti. They will roll the preparation before passing it through a sugar spinner to shape it into a long square caramel which is then cut into little cubes and wrapped one by one in gold foil.

In the shop just next door, you can try the recipes for caramels which are all prepared with extra virgin olive oil.

Machine à fabriquer le caramel
jardins de la caramelerie

Visitors are welcomed in a garden laid out as a butterfly refuge, in collaboration with  Act for Planet and the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds). Just opposite the Caramelerie, the Priory of Salagon is dedicated to the heritage of Haute-Provence,

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Caramelerie de Mane – Les Condamines, Mane
04300 Mane


Just next to the Caramélerie, you can visit the monument, museum, gardens and mor in the spirit of a place which sheds light on the links between nature, history, and mankind in Haute Provence.

Listed a Historical Monument in 1980, the Church of Salagon, along with the monastery in Ganagobie, is one of the most remarkable testimonies to the medieval era in the region.

📍Le Prieuré – Mane

The Château was built in the 18th century near the charming village of Mane between Manosque and Forcalquier in the Alpes de Haute Provence (Southern French Alps), at the entrance to the Luberon. Salvaged in 1981 and refurnished over the years, it is now more of a museum, a testimon to the life style of the 18th century.
Wander around a timeless venue with a surprising history, ranging from the pomp and splendour of the de Forbin family to their tribulations and up to the rebirth of this major and atypical architectural element in Provence.

📍Route d’Apt – Mane

This young distillery is based in Mane in the Luberon Regional Natural Park. It works exclusively with plants and fruits harvested in Provence. This artisanal distillery is equipped with 3 copper stills and produces exceptional gins, liqueurs and spirits from original recipes.

📍8 ZA de Pitaugier – Mane